Sunday, July 09, 2006

Let us now praise the rebloggers

...for they bring us together. New music bloggers are mostly soloists with day jobs, and it's tough for us to keep up a regular routine of postings, making it inconvenient for readers out for a daily fix musical news, opinion, and chatter. There are many of us, and you never know when one of us is going to suddenly pronounce wisdom on the world in one of our inimitable verbal cadenzas. Jeff Harrington's new music reblog and Jerry Bowles's Blognoggle | New Music have solved this problem, and in doing so, have become the Chronicle and Examiner of metropolitan Newmusicburg. Many thanks to the both of them!

PS new music reblog keeps a running tab on the number of posts noted for each blogger. The top ten is composed of group bloggers and real writers of standard English, like Alex Ross of The New Yorker, and Pliable of On An Overgrown Path. Renewable Music has been a stable occupant of place number eleven for a good long time and movement into the top ten is improbable, as that would entail an unprecedented effort on my part in order to overtake the prodigious and eloquent Pliable. But no worry. It ain't exactly a horse race around here, and eleventh place just may be exactly where this belongs, a slight irritation on the edge of a great conversation.


Anonymous said...

Are these rebloggers automatic or does someone pick and choose what gets reblogged?

Daniel Wolf said...

My guess is that Blognoggle is automated and new music reblog is done by hand, by Jeff Harrington and his team of Black Forest elves, who surf the web in search of new music news in-between assembling those clocks with the annoying little mechanical birds in them that they pass off on American tourists as "traditional German household items".