Tuesday, July 04, 2006

De Profundis.

Here's a nice little item (Quicktime required) from my hometown that's either a parable about the banality of the quixotic or just another story about a guy digging a big hole in his front yard.


If you ever have the opportunity to hitchhike around Ireland, I can guarantee that you will inevitably have multiple encounters with circles of four to six grown men standing around holes in the ground. From one small town to the next, it's always the same. They won't move around, nor will they converse. They are having the time of their lives.


As a child, digging holes under the backyard laundry line had one of either two purposes: to make a shortcut to China, or to remove the temple at Abu Simbel, in order to make way for the Aswan Dam. (In the 60's, National Geographic ran a lot of features on Abu Simbel and the Aswan Dam). Never did reach China, but the flood plain did render the laundry line useless with some regularity.

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