Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So hidden, I don't know what I'm missing

Pliable has a good post about the "hidden power" of agents in the classical music world, especially the agency IMG ArtistsTM, which appears to be the inescapable behemoth, the Yoyodyne Corp. of that particular world.

Curiousity raised, I took a look at IMG's webpages, and went through their complete roster name-by-name, seeking out in vain a single name on their lists that would cause me to rush from the house, plunk down a large handful of Euros and attend a concert or buy a cd.

Up 'til now, I've been under the impression that my musical life is a full and happy one, but does my failure to consume products from the IMG palette mean that I'm missing out on something? Can my life only be truly complete with a full and regular helping of IMG ArtistsTM? Should I get with the program and learn that the only artists I really need are IMG ArtistsTM?


Anonymous said...

IMG Artists: the Borg or the Daleks of classical music?

Anonymous said...

They're the tribbles of classical music.