Saturday, August 12, 2006


From an untitled lecture by Heinz-Klaus Metzger in the current issue of MusikTexte (my translation):
There is no lack of theoretically-, even morally-based opinions, impressing upon us that art is, once and for all, communication. Therefore, stand in front of the high altar of the Cathedral in Toledo, or Malewitsch's Black Square, and ask yourself: who the hell is actually trying to communicate with whom? May I count myself to the historical remnant, the vanishing or already almost completely vanished minority of those who, in art, still find the reservation of the unsayable, the relic of those who strive to protect that which does not communicate?
The issue also includes a substantial amount of material about the composer Kaija Saariaho, interesting articles by Hechtle (Composing After Rihm and Spahlinger) and Mainka (Is there a Traditionless Music?) as well as the usual news and reviews. In German, of course.

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