Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Okay, I used the word "habermasian" in my last post. How many posts about the use of Chinese slang in Firefly will it take to make up for it?


Civic Center said...

Thanks for using the word "habermasian." It sent me to wikipedia and expanded my world. I loved your "Friendships" essay, by the way, especially the phrase: "In any case the privilege of seeing a group of composers together who enjoyed each others company, admired each others work and were curious about their current work and lives, without a single hint of competitiveness, was all mine, and has remained with me to this day."

I'm feeling the same way about a few fellow bloggers around the world who are truly a varied, motley crew with bizarre interests that happen to coincide with mine. We tend to encourage each other with admiration and affection, and it's a happy moment in time.

Trevor Murphy said...

You meant they all sold hats and gloves and stuff, right?

Daniel Wolf said...

sfmike - we're on the same page.

trevor - that's terific. Next time I walk by the Institut für Sozialforschung (home of the "Frankfurt School" from Adorno to Habermas), I'll be sorely tempted to go in and get measured for a new suit and hat.