Thursday, August 31, 2006

Please, not that.

Just heard the phrase emerging composers, and to be perfectly honest, I'd rather not encounter it again soon. From where are they supposed to be emerging? Under a rock, covered with slime, beating their chests at the first sign of light? From rows of petri dishes in the basement of some big School of Music or some big management agency? Or are they the inevitable if unpredictable output of a cellular automaton gone to town? And, most importantly, who's going to make sure that they're stuffed right back into that place before they start getting too comfortable around here?


Anonymous said...

I recently heard a work for chamber ensemble entitled "Emerging Growth". Might the practice of naming a new work after a type of mutual fund signal the presence of an emerging composer?

Civic Center said...

In San Francisco you can't get away from the horrible phrase "Emerging Artist." It seems to be code for "mostly young and not famous yet," but I also find it a ridiculous, slimey phrase.